Monday, 13 July 2015

My first post

So the first post on this blog will be about an experience I had a few weeks ago. I met this chick at a party. I saw her taking a picture and asked her to take a selfie with me so we took the selfie. Recently coming back home, I was looking forward meeting some new people. We spoke for a bit then I asked her to send it to me on Whatsapp because I wanted her number -- I let her know that. So she sent me the picture and we parted for the night because she was there with some friends and she had drifted from them. Next day I decide to hit her up so I texted "Hey" -- just a simple greeting. She didn't reply but she read the message though; your boy was blue ticked.

My question to women is why give a guy your number if you have no intention of responding or communicating with him? We don't have a gun to your head. I let the girl know last night straight up that I wanted to talk to her in the future. She didn't exercise her right to object and I spotted no discomfort in her face so I figured everything was good. I would've been much more content with being told on the spot that she didn't want further communication with me but such is life.

It's okay to reject us up front, ladies. No need to be slick and go around the bush. If the guy is being straight forward and honest, the least you can do is reciprocate. I guess the search for my soul mate continues LOL.

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