Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What Failing A Sports Quiz Taught Me Today

So today I was trolling the Internet doing all types of random tests because I have no life, and came across some sports trivia questions. Even though I didn't do very well, I learned a whoooooole lot and I firmly believe you must learn from every experience and failure you have in life. But, Zen Master Calvin isn't in today so I'll save the life lecture for another day.

Anyway, as I was saying: I learned a lot today so I've decided this next blog post will be about 10 things I learned from doing the sports trivia questions. If any of these facts are wrong, go complain to The Sports Truth (the guys who did the quiz), because I didn't check the validity of any of the answers even though some were a tad surprising. When I was done, I just kept it moving, exploring the vastness of the internet.

I've noticed I've started to stray from the main topic of this post so here goes, 10 Random Sporting Facts:
  1. Even though baseball has and will probably always be considered America's favourite past time, the most popular sport in the country is actually football. 
  2. Prior to the 1950’s, passing was the only means of ball movement in basketball.
  3. Basketball is the national sport of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  4. Wilt Chamberlain could dunk from the free throw line if he started gearing up his jump from the top of the circle. This is why both feet must remain behind the line on a free throw attempt. 
  5. Jackie Robinson was the first professional athlete to have his number universally retired across an entire league. 
  6. Olympic medals are composed of mainly silver and copper at 93% and 6% respectively.
  7. Four MLB players have been traded for themselves before. Yes I said that correct. The first was Harry Chiti who was traded to the New York Mets by the Cleveland Indians on April 25, 1962 for a "player to be named later." After 15 horrible performances, the Mets decided to fulfill their end of the original deal and send the player they promised to complete the transaction. The player sent was Harry Chiti. 
  8. The term soccer was not made up by Americans. It originated in England, first appearing in the 1880s as an Oxford "-er" abbreviation of the word "association," as in association football, which was the original name of the sport. 
  9.  If Michael Phelps was his own country, he'd be 35th all time on the gold medal lists.
  10.  Wayne Gretzky broke the all-time single-season goals record by 16 goals and the points record by 65 as a 20-year-old on the Edmonton Oilers. He isn't called The Great One for no reason. 
That's it for today, folks! If you know of any good sports trivia sites, let me know in the comments or shoot me a message!

what i learned from sports quizzes i did today

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